10 Low Point Weight Watchers Freestyle Snacks

September 30, 2018

When you first start the Weight Watchers program, one of your first thoughts might be "how do I snack?" I know it was one of my first thoughts- I love snacking! If it's your first time keeping track of what foods you are eating, you may be surprised to see that some of the things you may consider "healthy" are higher in points. This was a hard transition for us. We love peanut butter, but it's no longer something I use in a snack due to how many points it has- it's more of a treat these days.

The truth is- it gets easier and if you make sure you are prepared, you can still enjoy snacks. We keep our fridge + pantry stocked with these snacks. It's so important to keep low point snacks on hand, because non-low point snacking can put you into a point predicament.

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1. Bean and Corn Salad / 0 points- I (Casey) eat this snack almost every day. It has saved me on so many occasions. When you are hungry but don't have any points left, this recipe is here for you. The best part is that it's filling. Check out the recipe here.

2. Babybel Light Cheese/ 1 point each

3. Dill Pickles / 0 points

4. Any Fruit / 0 points- Our staple fruits are apple, bananas, and strawberries. Every now and then we will get a pineapple or use frozen mango or blueberries for overnight oats.

5. Premiere Protein Shake / 2 points each- These come in a lot of flavors and my favorite is vanilla. We just discovered the Muscle Milk 100 calorie Non-Dairy Vanilla Creme Shakes and they are actually only 1 point and tastes really similar to the Premiere Protein ones! But we will buy whichever one is available at the store when we are there.

6. Boiled Eggs / 0 points

7. Pretzels / Rold Gold regular twists are 3 points for 18 pretzels. When you need something crunchy + salty this is great to have.

8. Air-popped Popcorn / 1 point per cup- This is Savannah's favorite snack and I always end up eating some of hers. While this isn't the most filling snack sometimes you just need popcorn. The easiest way to make it is to use an air-pop machine because you don't have to use an oil at all. You can just top the popcorn with salt.

9. Greek Yogurt / 0 points- Mix this with a little vanilla, no calorie sweetener (I prefer Truvia), and fresh fruit. There's also something called Agave Five which is only 5 calories and 0 points if you only use a tsp.

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    10. Ranch Dip/ 0 points- Eat this with veggies and you have yourself a nice lil' snack. Get the recipe here.

    Do you have any favorite low point snacks? Do you have a favorite snack that you wish was a little more point friendly? Maybe we could make a low point friendly version one day! Let us know in the comments.

    And as always, if you love these recipes, please share with your friends on Pinterest. If you aren't a member of Weight Watchers and are wanting to find out more about the program, click here! Thanks for following along on our WW journey!


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