7 Reasons to Chose Weight Watchers to Lose Weight

October 30, 2018

If you've read our about section you know that we've been doing WW since June 2018. In 19 weeks I have lost 20.8 lbs and Savannah has lost 28.2. I can say this with 100% honesty- we have not suffered at all. This has been the most drama free weight loss program we've ever done. I don't want to go so far as to say that it hasn't been hard at times, but we've never felt deprived.

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We have tried: Low Carb/Keto, South Beach Diet, HCG, Atkins, The Virgin Diet, Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Tone it Up, 6 week Body Makeover, counting calories, etc. We've done just about everything, and we've had successes. With each of those programs we have lost weight BUT we weren't able to keep it off AND we suffered. Each and every one of those diets was really hard. Looking back none of those diets seemed sustainable, and I wish we had seen that before going through all the ups and downs.

So let's talk about the reasons why you should choose to become a part of WW to lose weight and become healthier!

1. The Point System. What I like about the point system over just counting calories is that it's easier. I know that doesn't seem to make sense because counting calories is just that. You add up your calories for the day and try to stay under a certain amount. There's no wiggle room, there's no reward for healthier foods. It's all about the caloric value.

With the point system you get a certain amount of points to use every day and you also get extra points for every week. Every food has a numbered value and it's your job to figure out how each food fits into your day or week. The points are based on fat, calories, carbs, sugar, fiber, and protein. If you have a celebration one week, then you have your weekly points that allow you to eat a piece of birthday cake or participate in pizza night (or both) without going over your point allowance for the week.

2. There are zero point foods. So I thought this was crazy to be honest. But having zero points foods is a game changer and has made following this program so much more manageable. There is a really long list of all the foods that have zero points, but the gist is that vegetables, fruits, beans, corn, eggs, fish, and chicken breast are all zero points. The reason these zero points even exist is because they are low in calories and have all the qualities that will fill you up.

The truth of the matter is I will never be able to stuff my face with so much corn, beans, pineapple, etc that it becomes a caloric problem. WW knew what they were doing when they chose their zero point foods. If I find that I'm really hungry mid-day but I know that I need to save points for dinner, I can reach for a zero point food like a banana to feel full and not add any points to my day.

3. The Community. I can't tell you how many foods I learned about from other people who are on the program. When you purchase your membership you can opt to go to meetings if you want. If you don't want to go to meetings you can still find a community on Instagram.

We started following some people who post about the things they eat and their weigh-ins on Instagram and it's really great to see what other people are doing. People will talk about their favorite recipes and foods, things that have made them more successful or less successful and you can join in on the conversation!

4. The Resources. WW has an app which I honestly could not live without at this point. With a touch of a button I can look up recipes and foods to see about their points. On the app WW actually provides you with recipes that they have created. There is also a barcode scanner so you can easily scan foods in the store and at home to see how many points they are.

5. It becomes second nature really quickly. WW has made it really easy to understand the things we eat and what quantities of food your body needs. It really puts food into perspective. In about a month it became second nature to know what 4 oz. of meat looks like and how many points the foods that I ate the most were worth. While you'll always need to track what you are eating, it only takes about a month of commitment to really know what most foods are worth. And what keeps you full and what doesn't.

6. There is a program that shows you what to do after you reach your goal. This is a really important thing that I think gets looked over a lot. If you are like us, when you've previously lost weight, you don't really care what happen after when you've actually lost it. You're just happy to now have to do the diet anymore. And that's where things go awry.

When you reach your weight loss goal with WW, you will be a better place than when you dieted because you have spent the whole time changing how you eat. You won't be introducing restricted foods back into your lifestyle because you never took anything out. All you have to do is learn how to maintain your weight with the tools you've already learned. And WW will guide you on how to do that.

7. It's really affordable. There are three different options to become a WW member. The most affordable option is $19.95/month and this gives you access to all of their digital resources. This is the program we both use. If you think you need a little more guidance, they have options for meetings and even for personal coaching.

The WW program is great for people in all stages of life and it's easy to follow. And the best news is that it works!

If you've been thinking about trying WW and want anymore information, feel free to reach out to us through e-mail, in the comments, or head straight to the WW website! Or if you are ready to join now, you can sign up here!

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