Halloween Candy Corn White Hot Chocolate

October 2, 2018

Excuse me, how is it already October?! I'm not even remotely mad about it. It has been a brutally hot summer so we, like the rest of the world probably, are ready for it not to be 90 degrees anymore. We got a little tease of cooler temps a few weeks ago and we were inspired to create this recipe. It's based on a Christmas Pink White Hot Chocolate recipe that we made last year.

We both love candy corn and I know not everyone does, but I feel like even non-candy corn lovers would like this drink.

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Full disclosure: this is a splurge recipe. We made a lot of alterations to our original white hot chocolate recipe to make it less points. Nonetheless, even with the adjustments this is probably more points than you want to spend on a drink on any ole' day. Each 8 oz serving is 7 points. It's crazy that that's the reduced points version. I can't even imagine what our original recipe is. Eek!

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    Candy Corn Hot Chocolate Recipe
    Makes 5- 8 oz. servings (7 WW Freestyle points)

    - 32 oz  unsweetened plain almond milk
    - 1 tsp vanilla extract
    - 38 pieces candy corn
    - 8 T non-fat Reddi Whip
    - 4 T sugar free vanilla creamer
    - 8 pieces of Lindt Bite Sized White Chocolate

    1. Add all of the ingredients, except the whipped cream together, and heat over medium-high heat until everything is melted.
    2. Add the the Reddi Whip once everything is melted and combined. It is not a topping but is to be melted in with the rest of the liquid. You can add more whipped cream as a topping. (You can have up to 8 tablespoons and it's zero points.)

    If you would like to see more Holiday inspired recipes, please pin the image below and leave us some suggestions in the comments!

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