Mexican S'mores: A Delicious Twist On Campfire S'mores

October 15, 2018

Splurge alert! S'mores are universally loved and there are so many different ways you can make them. Years ago we had a friend introduce us to this amazing recipe. And I promise once you try these Mexican S'mores, you'll never want the original version again. Okay maybe not. They both have their place. But this version is less messy AND full of flavor.

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Now you can fill these s'mores with anything you can imagine. Well anything that would taste good on a s'mores. Think nuts, any type of chocolate, your favorite spice, even try some Nutella! This is recipe we have below is one we make most of the time, and it's the core recipe for a true Mexican S'mores.

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    And these are extremely easy to make. Just pile your ingredients on the tortilla...
    And roll it up...
    like a burrito!
    Wrap in foil...
    so it all stays together.
    And throw on the fire. You could put these on the grill or in an oven, but an open fire is our favorite method. Sometimes it's 2 degrees outside and you want Mexican S'mores, so throwing it in the oven will do just fine. Basically you just need to melt the ingredients together. If you do use the fire, make sure you but it by a flame but not directly on it. The best situation is waiting until your fire has turned into hot coals. You get a faster and more even heat that way.

    Mexican S'mores Recipe

    1 Tortilla (Casey uses a gluten-free tortilla)
    1 tsp.  peanut butter
    10 mini marshmallows
    1 Tbs. white or milk or dark chocolate chips (we use white chocolate)
    A dash of cinnamon 

    1. Put all ingredients in the tortillas and fold it like a burrito.
    2. Wrap in foil and warm by the fire.

    Those that aren't on WW might want to add nuts, coconut, caramel, Nutella, etc. The options are endless! And tell your friends who are throwing caution to the wind and eating whatever they want that less is more. The instinct is to go nuts and load up your tortilla but trust us, WW or not, you don't want to go nuts. This is a very rich treat so keep in that mind when adding all the ingredients. Also, logistically you don't want to overfill and have an oozy mess on your hands. 

    This deliciousness comes to a total of 8 points. If you wanted to cut points even more you could use peanut butter powder and mix with water. 
    And we created a little video so you can see the whole process. On another note, we created a YouTube channel, so head over and subscribe to our channel for more yummy goodness in video form!

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